What is JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a format designed to store and exchange data. In the first place, this format is designed for JavaScript but because of its several qualities, many applications and programming languages use JSON to store and exchange data. Its main purpose is to exchange data in smaller sizes than XML. Also, JSON works faster than XML and thanks to its writing format, it takes up less space. With JSON format, you can transfer data between different platforms like mobile applications and web services. One of the best parts of JSON format is being quite easy to read, write and understand. With JSON format, you can store your data much cleaner way.

Integration via JSON

In today’s world, the importance of interoperability is increasing day by day because with the advance of technology, departments and business processes are getting more linked to each other. In order to perform an excellent business, you must not ignore integration between your applications and services. That is where JSON data format takes an important job.

As we mentioned before JSON format is designed for Java Script and thanks to its similarities to JavaScript objects; data which stored in JSON format can easily be converted into a JavaScript object and more importantly the infrastructure of JSON format is quite easy to read, write and understand- allows us to make integrations in nearly all programming languages because all these languages have built-in functions to convert JSON format to their own object. That is why JSON data format is significantly important to integrate our services.

Do You Need An Integration Solution?

In the light of this information, you might want to ask how enterprises make these integrations. It is quite harder and more expensive than it seems. Building your API (Application Programming Interface) integration accordingly all your applications from the very beginning is a long process. Instead, you may consider Ayran, our pre-built connectors, to make your integration. MIP is an iPaaS. Check out our list of applications which we already have an integration solution and if your application is not on the list, do not worry. Our developers will build it for you!

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