WebDAV Integrations

MIP offers seamless integration solutions that enable businesses to communicate seamlessly by integrating WebDAV with their existing ERP and third-party systems. Using MIP’s ready-made integration packages, businesses can optimize their integration processes and use webDAV’s features with full efficiency.

Key Features

Rapid Integration

MIP’s pre-built webDAV integration establishes a fast and seamless connection between disparate systems. It allows you to manage your data flow more effectively by eliminating complexities and reducing development time.

Low Maintenance

MIP’s ready-made integration packages offer pre-built and tested integration solutions. Thus, it keeps the maintenance needs of businesses to a minimum and facilitates the maintenance process.

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WebDAV, also known as Distributed Authoring and Versioning, is a protocol that allows users to share, copy, move and edit files over web servers.

  • File Management

WebDAV allows users to perform file management operations such as uploading, downloading, moving, copying, and deleting files on a web server.

  • Locking Mechanism

It supports locking mechanisms to prevent conflicts when multiple users try to edit the same file simultaneously, ensuring data integrity and consistency.

  • Versioning

WebDAV supports versioning, allowing users to keep track of document revisions, revert to previous versions, and manage document history effectively.

  • Namespace Manipulation

Users can create, delete, and modify folders and files on the server using WebDAV, providing flexibility in organizing and structuring content.

  • Properties

WebDAV enables users to assign custom properties to files and folders, facilitating metadata management and enhancing searchability.

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