Manhattan Integrations

MIP offers integration solutions that enable businesses to seamlessly integrate Manhattan with their existing ERP systems and third-party systems. MIP facilitates the integration processes of businesses with pre-built ready-made integration packages and enables them to take full advantage of Manhattan’s features in logistics and supply chain management.

Key Features

Cost Savings

Integration projects require extensive development efforts such as custom coding, testing, and deployment to be completed successfully. This causes costs to increase. MIP’s tried and tested Manhattan integration suite helps you easily connect two systems, saving you development and resource costs.

Quick and Easy Connection

MIP’s pre-built Manhattan integration packages enable you to quickly establish connections between different systems and manage integration processes more effectively. These ready-made integrations ensure seamless data compatibility between Manhattan and your ERP system. This way you have consistent and accurate data across platforms.


Manhattan is a platform that provides supply chain management and omnichannel commerce solutions. The platform connects multiple solutions and applications including warehouse management, order management, shipping management and warehouse management.

  • Easy Scalability

Whether a business is a small startup or a large enterprise, the Manhattan Platform is designed to scale and adapt with changing needs. As companies grow or expand into new markets, they can easily customize the platform to adapt to changes in supply chain processes and business needs.

  • Real-Time Visibility

Manhattan offers seamless connectivity, is always kept up to date, and works anywhere. The solutions provide a single view of customers, orders, and inventory with a unified company-wide integration model. This way, stores, customer service and distribution departments do not need separate platforms or custom solutions to achieve business goals.

  • Advanced technology

Manhattan includes advanced technology tools such as machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence to optimize supply chain operations and improve customer experience. In this way, the platform always provides service using the latest technology, innovative designs and modern software development practices.

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