SAP - Oracle


MIP offers pre-built integration packages that effectively connect SAP, the enterprise resource planning system (ERP), with Oracle, the database management system, allowing them to interact. This integration offers businesses a wide range of possibilities to improve business processes, automate workflows and optimize data integration processes.

Fast and Easy Integration

MIP’s pre-built SAP – Oracle integration package eliminates time-consuming integration processes. Businesses integrate SAP and Oracle systems quickly and seamlessly without dealing with technical details. Thus, businesses save both time and cost and have the opportunity to use their resources more efficiently.

Comprehensive Data Synchronization

MIP provides comprehensive data synchronization between large-scale and complex systems such as SAP and Oracle, making transfer processes fast and uninterrupted. Thanks to SAP & Oracle integration, the data produced in different departments or processes is accurate and up-to-date. This helps businesses to continue their operational processes without interruption.

Uses of SAP & Oracle Integration

  • Finance and Accounting: Integration synchronizes financial transactions such as purchases, invoicing, payments and accounting records between SAP and Oracle systems, enabling teams to work with up-to-date and accurate data.
  • Supply Chain Management: Businesses use SAP and Oracle integration to improve supply chain management. The integration increases supply chain efficiency by synchronizing data in processes such as supplier orders, inventory management, logistics management and supply chain performance monitoring.
  • Production and Operations: SAP & Oracle integration enables more efficient and effective management of processes such as production planning, work order management, production efficiency monitoring and worker performance.
  • Human Resources Management: In the field of human resources management, businesses benefit from integration to synchronize personnel data, salary information, performance evaluation data and training records between SAP and Oracle systems. This allows human resources processes to be managed more effectively.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): CRM processes such as keeping customer data up-to-date and monitoring sales processes are managed more effectively thanks to integration.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting: SAP and Oracle integration supports big data analytics and reporting processes of businesses. This integration enables businesses to make comprehensive analysis and make informed decisions by bringing together data from SAP and Oracle systems.
SAP - Oracle Integration


  • Productivity Increase

Pre-built SAP & Oracle integration enables businesses to automatically manage their data such as customer information, orders, inventories and financial transactions on a single platform. This reduces time spent on manual data entry, ensures data integrity and increases efficiency.

  • Data Integrity

Thanks to the integration, data flows automatically between SAP and Oracle and the data is always up to date. This ensures a consistent data flow and maintains data integrity. This improves decision-making processes and minimizes erroneous data entry.

  • Fast Decision Making

Real-time data synchronization between SAP and Oracle systems enables businesses to make more informed decisions by providing up-to-date and accurate information.

  • Cost Efficiency

Integration projects require high development costs. With MIP’s pre-built Oracle integration, businesses significantly reduce development costs. This helps to utilize resources more efficiently.

  • Drag-and-Drop Interface

MIP’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface enables easy integration design and management, even for users with limited technical expertise.

  • Avoiding Data Inconsistency

SAP & Oracle integrations ensure stable and consistent data transfer between systems. In this way, data integrity is maintained and businesses can perform reliable data analysis.

  • Fewer Errors

MIP’s pre-built integration packages are tried and tested. Therefore, it enables businesses to have fewer errors in the integration process and increase their operational efficiency.

  • Customizable Integration Alerts

SAP & Oracle integration allows businesses to set alerts based on specific integration scenarios. This ensures that integration notifications arrive on time and the smooth flow of data continues.

  • Secure Data Transfer

MIP’s pre-built SAP and Oracle integration uses robust security measures including access controls, authentication and real-time monitoring to protect data during data synchronization.

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