MIP’s pre-built SAP Kyriba integrations allow businesses to connect the Kyriba platform to their SAP systems. These integration packages allow businesses to quickly integrate Kyriba’s financial services into their business processes and ensure data flows seamlessly between different systems.

Streamlined Integration Process

Pre-built SAP to Kyriba integrations provide a streamlined process for connecting SAP systems to Kyriba’s treasury management platform. This facilitates seamless communication between financial and ERP systems, enabling efficient cash management, risk mitigation and financial reporting.

Reduced Development Costs

Leveraging pre-built integrations helps businesses save on development costs associated with building custom integration solutions from scratch. By using pre-built connectors and integration templates, organizations can minimize the need for extensive coding and testing, resulting in significant cost savings.

Uses of SAP & Kyriba Integration

  • Cash Visibility: SAP & Kyriba integration provides businesses with enhanced visibility into their cash positions and liquidity management. By combining financial data from SAP’s ERP system with Kyriba’s treasury management platform, businesses can gain real-time insights into their cash balances, cash flows and liquidity positions.
  • Cash Forecasting: SAP – Kyriba integration provides accurate cash forecasting by leveraging SAP’s financial data and Kyriba’s forecasting tools. Businesses can analyze historical cash flows, forecast future cash positions, and identify potential cash shortfalls or excesses, helping them optimize their cash management strategies and reduce financial risks.
  • Payment Processing: Integrating SAP with Kyriba streamlines payment processing workflows by automating payment initiation, approval, and reconciliation processes. Businesses can centrally manage payments across multiple bank accounts, payment methods and currencies, improving efficiency, reducing manual errors and increasing compliance with payment regulations.
  • Risk Management: SAP – Kyriba integration enhances risk management capabilities by enabling businesses to identify, assess and mitigate various financial risks such as foreign exchange risk, interest rate risk and counterparty risk. Kyriba’s risk management modules leverage SAP’s financial data to perform risk analysis, scenario modeling and stress testing, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and protect against potential financial risks.
  • Compliance and Reporting: SAP & Kyriba integration facilitates compliance with legal requirements and financial reporting standards. Kyriba’s reporting and compliance features leverage SAP’s transaction data to create accurate financial reports, audit trails, and regulatory filings, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and compliance with regulators and stakeholders.
SAP - Kyriba Integration


  • Financial Efficiency

SAP and Kyriba integration increases business efficiency by optimizing the financial processes of businesses. Kyriba’s cloud-based financial management solutions come together with SAP’s comprehensive financial modules, enabling you to manage financial processes more effectively.

  • Cash Management Improvement

Kyriba’s cash management solutions help businesses optimize liquidity management. When integrated with SAP, it enables businesses to better track cash flow, speed up collection processes and better manage their cash positions.

  •  Risk Management and Compliance

Kyriba is a platform with risk management features. It allows businesses to better manage financial risks. Kyriba’s connection to SAP enables businesses to track and report their financial transactions and comply with compliance standards.

  • Payment Process Automation

SAP and Kyriba integration increases the efficiency of businesses by automating payment processes. Invoicing, payment approvals and collection processes are automated, saving time and labor.

  • Security and Compliance

MIP prioritizes security and compliance during the integration process. It protects the security of data and complies with appropriate regulations by providing high security measures such as access controls, authentication and real-time monitoring.

  • Faster Time to Value Creation

Pre-built SAP to Kyriba integrations enable businesses to accelerate time to value by quickly deploying integration solutions. This allows businesses to quickly leverage Kyriba’s treasury management capabilities in SAP environments, increasing financial visibility and control without long implementation timelines.

  • Simplified Maintenance

Pre-built integrations often come with simplified maintenance processes, making it easier for businesses to manage and support their integrated systems over time. This reduces the burden on IT teams and requires fewer resources for ongoing maintenance, ensuring integration solutions remain efficient and reliable.

  • Advanced Financial Management

SAP to Kyriba integrations provide advanced financial management by seamlessly synchronizing financial data between SAP ERP and Kyriba’s treasury management platform. This ensures data accuracy and consistency across financial systems, supporting better decision-making and compliance with legal requirements.

  • Industry Expertise

Pre-built integrations often incorporate industry best practices and expertise, enabling integration solutions to be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of finance and treasury departments. This industry-focused approach helps businesses achieve the best results from their SAP to Kyriba integrations, delivering greater efficiency and value for the business.

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