SAP - Google Drive Integration

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution that allows users to store their files on the internet. MIP’s pre-built SAP – Google Drive integration enables businesses to transfer data bi-directionally between Google Drive and SAP.

Effortless Connection and Easy Integration

Designing an integration from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. MIP’s pre-built SAP – Google Drive integration package minimizes this effort and simplifies complex integration processes. This way, businesses can effortlessly establish a connection between SAP and Google Drive systems and initiate data synchronization.

Cost Efficiency and Rapid Deployment

Significantly reducing development costs, pre-built integration packages minimize the costs associated with custom coding, testing and deployment. This allows businesses to speed up the integration process and use their resources more efficiently.

Uses of SAP & Google Drive Integration

  • Document Management and Sharing: SAP and Google Drive integration enables automatic transfer and storage of documents, reports or documents created on SAP to Google Drive. The integration makes it faster for teams to store, share and access documents.
  • Document Synchronization: Synchronizing documents or data in SAP systems with Google Drive ensures up-to-date and consistent data access between different departments or teams. This increases collaboration and facilitates communication between teams.
  • Sharing Information with External Stakeholders: Transferring documents or data from SAP systems to Google Drive facilitates information sharing with suppliers or customers.
  • Backup and Archiving: SAP & Google Drive integration reduces the risk of data loss by facilitating processes such as document backup and archiving.
  • Collaboration and Remote Work: Google Drive is a platform that facilitates collaboration and remote working. SAP and Google Drive integration makes it possible for employees to collaborate and work on projects or documents simultaneously by accessing from different locations.
  • Project Management: SAP and Google Drive integration facilitates project management processes by enabling project documents and communication to be managed via Google Drive. Project team members can use Google Drive to access data from SAP systems and stay up to date.
  • Workflow Automation: SAP & Google Drive integration enables the automatic transfer of data between the two systems. Keeping documents or forms used in specific business processes on Google Drive and automatically integrating these documents into workflows in SAP systems automates workflows and increases efficiency.
SAP - Google Drive Integration


  • Mobile Access and Flexibility

Google Drive integration offers users the possibility to access SAP data via mobile devices. This enables employees to access and update data from anywhere and on any device, making business processes more flexible.

  • Better Productivity and Business Processes

SAP & Google Drive integration makes document management and document access processes easier. Teams get the opportunity to work more efficiently by accessing the documents they need quickly.

  • Sharing Reporting and Analytics

By transferring reports or analyzes created in SAP to Google Drive, this data can be shared with a wider user base. This provides a significant advantage for more effective reporting and data analysis processes.

  • Easy Access and Sharing

Google Drive’s flexible file storage and sharing features enable easy access and sharing of data on SAP. In this way, team members can always access up-to-date data.

  • Low Costs

Google Drive reduces infrastructure costs because it is a cloud-based solution. Storing data in the cloud eliminates the need to invest in physical servers and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Quick Setup and Management

MIP’s drag & drop interface and pre-built integration packages enable businesses to quickly set up SAP and Google Drive integration and start integration processes.

  • Data Synchronization and Consistency

Pre-built integration packages provided by MIP ensure seamless data synchronization between SAP systems and Google Drive. This ensures consistency and accuracy across platforms, allowing business processes to be managed more effectively.

  • Integration Warnings

MIP has an integration alarm feature. With this feature, businesses can set alerts for SAP & Google Drive integration events. It can ensure smooth data flow by receiving instant notifications about integration processes.

  • Secure Data Transfer

MIP provides high security measures such as access controls and real-time monitoring. In this way, the data flow between SAP and Google Drive is managed securely and protected against cyber attacks.

  • Automation in Data Management

SAP and Google Drive integration with MIP puts an end to manual data entry, tedious file transfers and fragmented information. Integration, synchronization and optimization of data becomes an important process that brings life to the digital infrastructure of businesses.

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