SAP - AWS Integration

MIP offers pre-built integration packages that seamlessly integrate the leading ERP system SAP with leading cloud computing platforms such as AWS. This integration ensures that data is synchronized with minimal effort and cost and streamlines processes between business systems.


Business expansion and changing business requirements require integration solutions to be flexible and scalable. MIP’s pre-built SAP – AWS integrations have a flexible structure that can adapt to changing needs as your business grows. This increases the value of your business while maintaining its performance and adaptability.

Cost Optimization

Pre-built SAP and AWS integration packages reduce both development costs and integration times. In this way, businesses complete the integration between SAP and AWS in less time, use their resources more efficiently and reduce the total cost of integration projects.

Uses of SAP & AWS Integration

  • Data Management: SAP and AWS integration enables businesses to transfer large amounts of data from the SAP ERP system to the AWS cloud platform. This allows businesses to enhance their data analysis, reporting and business intelligence solutions.
  • Infrastructure Management: AWS’ flexible cloud infrastructure enables cloud-based hosting and management of SAP systems, which simplifies infrastructure management processes.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Integration facilitates the analysis and reporting of SAP data using AWS’ data analytics and business intelligence tools, improving business decision-making.
  • Application Development and Deployment: SAP – AWS integration accelerates the development and deployment of SAP applications on AWS, which optimizes software development processes.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Integration facilitates the backup of SAP systems on AWS and the implementation of disaster recovery plans, which ensures business continuity.
  • E-Commerce and Customer Service: AWS’ wide range of cloud services facilitates the integration of SAP systems with e-commerce platforms and optimizes customer service processes.
SAP - AWS Integration


  • Data Management and Analytics

SAP and AWS integration improves big data analytics and reporting processes for businesses. AWS’s data storage and processing capabilities and SAP’s business intelligence solutions combine to provide comprehensive data management and analytics solutions.

  • Business Process Automation

Integration enables businesses to automate business processes. SAP’s workflow management features and AWS’ auto-scaling and management tools come together to make business processes more efficient.

  • Customer Experience Enhancement

SAP and AWS integration improves the customer experience. Through integration, businesses can offer tailored services, develop personalized marketing strategies, and provide more effective customer relationship management.

  • Increased Productivity

SAP and AWS integration increases the efficiency of businesses. AWS’s flexible infrastructure and SAP’s business process optimizing features come together to make workflows faster and more efficient.

  • Ready Integration Packages

MIP offers ready-made integration packages that enable integration between popular platforms such as SAP and AWS. These packages simplify and accelerate integration processes without the need for any developer in the integration process.

  • Drag-and-Drop Integration Design

MIP’s drag-and-drop interface makes designing integrations simple. Businesses can effortlessly design complex data flows and easily manage integration processes.

  • Security

MIP prioritizes security during the integration process. It protects the security of data by offering high security measures such as access controls, authentication and real-time monitoring. This enables businesses to safely manage sensitive data and comply with appropriate regulations.

  • Industry Expertise

MIP was developed by a team specialized in integration. In this way, packages have been developed by understanding the integration requirements of businesses.

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