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MIP offers pre-built integration packages to streamline business processes and automate workflows. These packages allow businesses to quickly and easily connect their SAP system to HubSpot, the CRM platform. The SAP – Hubspot integration synchronizes marketing, sales and customer data between the two systems, providing a comprehensive view of customers. This improves communication between departments, increases customer focus and boosts productivity levels.

Increased Data Transparency

MIP’s pre-built SAP – HubSpot integration enables instant data synchronization between the HubSpot system, through which businesses run their marketing, sales and customer service activities, and SAP, the Enterprise Resource Planning system. This gives teams real-time visibility into data, helping them access up-to-date and accurate information from one central platform. This unlocks the ability to create better marketing campaigns and improve customer experience.

Effortless Connectivity and Easy Management

Pre-built integrations significantly reduce the time, effort and cost required for businesses to connect SAP and HubSpot systems. Since these integrations do not involve custom coding and testing processes, they are much more economical than starting an integration project from scratch. It also saves time as it reduces the effort required for integration. By simplifying integration processes, businesses are able to manage complex data flows more quickly and efficiently.

Uses of SAP & HubSpot Integration

  • Marketing Management: With SAP & HubSpot integration, marketing teams can create customized and targeted campaigns in HubSpot using comprehensive customer data from SAP. Thus, they can better engage with potential and existing customers.
  • Sales Operations: Sales teams can seamlessly manage the sales process by integrating potential customer information from HubSpot into SAP’s sales orders.
  • Customer Service: The customer service department can benefit from SAP and HubSpot integration to manage customer requests faster and more effectively. This integration increases customer satisfaction by making customer data accessible from one centralized location.
  • Data Management: Integration facilitates data sharing between different departments of the business and ensures data integrity. This can increase the efficiency of the business by supporting decision-making processes.
  • Reporting and Analysis: With SAP -HubSpot integration, it becomes possible to measure the true impact of marketing efforts on sales and revenue realized in SAP. In this way, teams can identify high-performance marketing strategies, manage resources effectively and achieve optimized results of campaigns.
SAP - hubspot Integration


  • Different Data Models: SAP and HubSpot have different data structures due to their different functions and purposes. Aligning and transforming data between these different structures becomes complex and time consuming.
  • Integration Cost: Integrating SAP & HubSpot requires significant expenses, especially if customized solutions are required. For example, developing custom connectors or middleware to facilitate data exchange between SAP and HubSpot can require significant investment, impacting the overall budget allocated for integration initiatives.
  • Technical Compatibility: Integrating HubSpot’s APIs with SAP’s databases requires extensive testing and debugging to ensure smooth data transfer. Failure to address technical compatibility issues can lead to data synchronization failures or system errors, hindering the effectiveness of the integration.

MIP’s pre-built SAP and HubSpot integration packages help leverage the full potential of these systems by providing a unified view of the data between the two systems. SAP & HubSpot integration allows to improve data accuracy, streamline sales processes and deliver personalized customer interactions.

  • Security

MIP keeps data security at the highest level in integration processes. It ensures data protection with high security measures such as authentication, access controls and real-time monitoring. In this way, sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access and a secure integration environment is created.

  • Drag and Drop Interface

MIP’s drag-and-drop integration design interface makes integration processes fast and easy. It offers a user-friendly interface to effortlessly design and manage complex data flows. This enables businesses to build integrations without requiring technical expertise.

  • Fast Deployment

MIP’s pre-built integration packages quickly distribute data between SAP & Hubspot systems. This allows businesses to complete integration projects in a much shorter time.

  • Expertise

MIP has a team specialized in integration. Experienced integration specialists offer solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses and ensure the successful realization of integration processes.

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