SAP - Google Cloud Platform Integration

MIP’s pre-built SAP and Google Cloud Platform integration package is used to enable data flow between the two systems. With the integration, data is automatically transferred from one system to the other and is always up to date.

Cost and Effort Savings

With MIP’s pre-built integration packages, businesses can integrate SAP – Google Cloud Platform systems with minimum effort and cost. They can accelerate the time to value by avoiding the complexities and errors caused by manual data entry.

Ready Integration Packages

MIP eliminates the need for custom development by offering ready-made connectors tailored specifically for SAP and Google Cloud Platform integration. This accelerates implementation timelines and reduces the complexity associated with integration projects.

Uses of SAP & Google Cloud Platform Integration

  • Financial Management: SAP & GCP integration can improve financial decision-making processes by enabling better management and analysis of financial data from SAP with GCP’s data storage and analytics capabilities.
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management: Integration can automate procurement and supply chain management processes such as updating supplier information, comparing quotes, automatically creating orders and managing supplier payments. This increases supply chain efficiency and improves businesses’ supplier relationships.
  • Production and Supply Chain Planning: SAP has comprehensive modules for manufacturing and supply chain planning. GCP’s data storage and analysis capabilities enable better management and planning of production and supply chain data, enabling production processes and inventory management to be performed more effectively.
  • Inventory Management: SAP and GCP integration can automate inventory management processes such as monitoring stock levels, recording stock movements and automatic reordering. In this way, inventory tracking becomes more accurate and unnecessary inventory holding costs can be reduced.
  • Financial Transactions and Accounting: SAP and Google Cloud integration enables automation of invoicing, payment processing, financial reporting and accounting processes. In this way, financial processes can be carried out faster and more accurately.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): SAP and GCP integration streamlines the processes of collecting and analyzing customer data and managing customer relationships. This helps businesses improve the customer experience and build better customer relationships.
  • Backup and Recovery: Storing SAP data on GCP streamlines backup and recovery processes. This reduces the risk of data loss and enables businesses to quickly return business processes to normal.
  • Reporting and Analysis: SAP and GCP integration can automate the processes of collecting, analyzing and reporting businesses’ data. This enables businesses to make faster and more accurate decisions.
SAP - Google Cloud Platform Integration


  • Enhanced Scalability

By integrating SAP with Google Cloud Platform, businesses can take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of cloud infrastructure. This allows them to dynamically adjust resources based on workload demands, ensuring optimal performance without over-provisioning.

  • Improved Data Availability

Integration facilitates seamless data exchange between SAP and Google Cloud Platform, providing real-time access to key business information. This accessibility enables real insight into business processes, enabling informed planning and execution.

  • Cost Optimization

Leveraging GCP’s pay-as-you-go model and MIP’s efficient integration capabilities helps businesses optimize their costs. They can avoid high upfront investments in infrastructure while paying only for the resources consumed, thereby reducing their overall IT spend.

  • Agility and Innovation

The integrated ecosystem fosters agility by facilitating the rapid deployment of new services and functionalities. Businesses are able to experiment with innovative solutions, iterate quickly and adapt more effectively to evolving market dynamics.

  • Seamless Data Synchronization

It provides seamless data synchronization between pre-built SAP and Google Cloud Platform. This ensures consistency and accuracy across platforms, enabling businesses to manage and utilize their data reliably.

  • Low Error Rate

Pre-built integration packages offer tried and tested solutions. This helps businesses reduce error rates and increase operational efficiency in SAP and Google Cloud Platform integration processes.

  • Data Integrity

MIP acts as a robust bridge that facilitates seamless data flow between SAP systems and third-party platforms such as GCP. This ensures data integrity, security and compliance throughout the integration process.

  • Comprehensive Support

MIP offers comprehensive support throughout the integration journey, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance. Businesses can rely on MIP’s expertise to address challenges, optimize performance and keep SAP & Google Cloud Platform integration running smoothly.

  • High Security

MIP ensures data security of businesses by taking high security measures. This reduces the security concerns of businesses by ensuring that sensitive data between SAP & Google Cloud Platform is securely transported and stored.

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